Tub grinding strategies

All season long you have been dragging debris from jobs back to your yard –
Now you have a pile that’s taking up space and needs to be dealt with – one thing is for
sure, you definitely don't want to haul it away to the dump. So you want to grind your pile?
Call us about an estimate. We can either drive out to see it or you can email us a picture
of your pile with the dimensions and we can talk on the phone about how long we think it will
take to grind it up for you. You’ll want to measure your pile, approx height, width & length.
Next you have to decide how you’re planning to load it.
You need a machine with a loading height of at least 10 feet at the bottom of the bucket.
Your options are as follows:
You already have one and you are set.
Make a Ramp and use your smaller loader or skid steer
Rent One or We bring ours.

We found that getting a load of stone and building a ramp worked pretty good, especially if you need some stone around your yard anyway.
Call for Prices for Grinding we have the several types:

Tub Grinder, Horizontal Grinders & a Forestry Mower.

Pricing is the machine and one man to operate it – you do the loading - If we bring our loader and a guy to load, it is an additional $100 per hour. We have a 4-hour minimum. We are not currently charging travel time. Estimates are just that – Guesstimates – we try to ball park it the best we can, sometimes it's more and sometimes it can be less. Prices are subject to change without notice – especially regarding fluctuating fuel costs

Atlas Custom Grinding
Your Source for Wood Waste Recycling
See it in action on YouTube!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Boq7yYzgufo

Municipal Services:  Storm Damage
& Yard Waste Management

On-Site Grinding to Reduce Green & Brown Materials:

Leaves & Garden Debris
Lawn Thatch & Grass Clippings
Christmas Trees, Branches & Brush

DNR EAB Certifications
Our Grinder Produces EAB Certified Mulch

See it in action on YouTube – on the Atlas Custom Grinding Channel
Municipal Services: 
Maintain & Groom Trails
Create Hiking & Biking Paths

Land Clearing Services:
Prep for New Construction
Maintain Under Utility Lines*Clear Brush
Reclaim Overgrown Woodlands
Create Deer Runs & Food Plots


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