Tree Services

Aerial Lift Truck
We have a 2006 Aerial Lift of Connecticut boom with a working height of 65 feet,
A 53 foot side reach means we can reach your tree even from the street or your
neighbor’s driveway 360-degree continuous rotation means we don’t waste time going
around in circles on your job. Unlike ordinary utility booms, we have the ability to go
back over center to reach your tree at every angle necessary.  When you are paying
by the hour, you want efficiency – That’s what you get with Droprite Tree Service.


Our Rayco RC20 Chipper has a 225hp diesel engine. It can take
up to an 20 inch log & the Hydraulic Feed makes loading quick
and easy. Equipped with safety features to ensure operator safety
It simply makes mincemeat out of your logs, branches& brush .

 Stump Grinder Small

Our Vermeer SG505 is a Track Mounted machine.
It has a 50 hp diesel engine - this little thing packs a lot of power.
Sides can retract so it can fit through a gate as small as 36 inches.
Tracks mean less wear & tear on your turf.

Stump Grinder Large

Our Larger Stump Grinder - a Vermeer 1560 has a 65 hp diesel engine.
The cutting wheel is three times the size of our small track grinder.
This beast can handle the biggest stump you have.


The Grapple attachment on our Mustang 2070 comes in quite handy.
We can load logs quickly and easily for fast cleanups at the end of the day.
Safety and Efficiency are key to saving valuable time on the job.


Yes, we take away all the pieces that used to be your tree.
Perhaps you would like to keep the wood chips ……….
We only leave what you ask us to,
Just beware of that friend or neighbor who wants to ‘take the wood’,
More often than not, they never do and you have a pile to deal with.
We take it away and put it to good use. – We recycle it in several different manners.

Storm Damage

Through wind, sleet, snow and ice, trees have to take it all.
When the day finally comes that the tree just can’t take it anymore,
Call Droprite to help you.


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