On-line Specials -  Low Winter Rates on Tree Work

Did you know that Winter is the BEST time to trim trees?!?
When the trees are dormant, they don’t attract insects that can cause disease.
In the winter, when the ground is frozen, there is less of a chance creating ruts in your yard
 or getting stuck in spots that are generally wet during the growing season.
Just because the leaves are gone, doesn’t mean we can’t tell where the dead branches are.
Live branches have buds on them and the bark is in good condition.
When you are 65-70 feet in the air, you can see what’s happening with the tree better in
the winter without the leaves in the way. So, why on earth would we give you a discount
to trim your trees during the proper season?!? I guess the word isn’t out yet – we are
constantly re-educating people about it. Take advantage of the situation and schedule
your estimate today! We will give you 20% off our regular rates for Tree Work done
during the months of January and February.
That’s a substantial savings! Call us at 262-989-6611 or email



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