Kiln Dried Firewood

Not all Firewood is the same. Do you know what you are burning?
We only split true High Quality Hardwoods - Oak, Ash & Maple.
We recycle the hardwood from our tree jobs by turning it into Firewood for fuel.

Our Firewood is Kiln Dried.

What is so special about Kiln Dried Wood? It Burns – first time, every time. It Burns – rain or shine. Kiln Drying takes the moisture out from deep inside of the wood so you get the crisp, crackly fire that you want. Why take your chances on air drying? Air Dried Wood can take up to 2 yrs to properly season... Our Firewood is Kiln Dried.

No Smoke – No Mirrors – No Kidding. Just a great fire every time.

Kiln Dried Firewood Pricing
Mixed Hardwoods (Oak, Ash, Maple)
  Picked Up   Delivered  
  $100 Face Cord $125  
  $150 1/2 Cord $175  
  $300 Full Cord $ 325  
Solid Oak
  Picked Up   Delivered  
  $125 Face Cord $150  
  $187.50 1/2 Cord $215  
  $375 Full Cord $ 400  
Our Delivery Service area boundaries are:
  North - 7 mile Road | East - Lake Michigan  
  South - Hwy 165/Wilmont Rd |West - Hwy 75  
Outside our Delivery area an additional delivery charge will be applied.
Delivery and Taxes not included.

Call to be placed on our Seasonal Delivery List.


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